17-year-old Fahad meets FS.

It’s been a rocky day, to say the least.

Fahim Saleh, investor/founding member of the Pathao team was murdered in NY.

I heard this 12 hours ago and was in denial.

Having spent the entire day with close friends, distracting myself, it’s time I put this (and myself) to bed.

Fahim was the guy who gave a 17-year-old high schooler a chance.

In 11th grade at the time, I was pitching a weird book-sharing/dating app.

Fahim invited me to the office. …

This weekend, I was invited to speak at a startup boot camp, supported by FB Developer Circle.

The audience was early-stage founders.

I mention this because when imparting advice,

I was asked to talk about (How to) build products that scale.

At first glance, this seems like the right string of words, and something useful for founders. But upon some thought, the topic seemed

Let me explain.

Product scalability answers the question:

For engineers, this could mean the capacity of a system to handle more traffic. …

Seeam Shahid Noor goes to Harvard University, where he’s pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics. During admissions, he was accepted to Harvard, Princeton and IBA, DU. Seeam went to high school at a military school aka Mirzapur Cadet College, which was formative years for him. He is an online educator involved with 10 minute school, enjoys public speaking and stand-up comedy.

How does one improve fast at public speaking? (or any skill)

Practice + Instant Feedback

What is working, what is not working. Find what you can instantly tweak and get better the next time. And keep doing that.

Taken at Bayon Temples, by the Mastermind, Sadad

Conditions are never perfect. “Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.

Timothy Ferriss

“Who goes to Cambodia?” the immigration officer sarcastically asked us at DAC airport on the night of 10th April, even before started our journey. With equal parts adrenaline and serotonin running through our veins, we were about to embark on an offbeat trip through 4 cities in 5 days.

I’m writing this post sitting at Cafe Amazon, in Sihanoukville, reflecting on this epic, grueling and fulfilling trip we’ve been lucky to experience.

Disclaimer: I’ve taken a ‘jot-down’ approach and…

We often find insights were we least expect them

This past weekend, as a mentor at the Young Founders School, I taught high school students aged 12–17 years old about all things Startup — starting from the problem identification and market sizing to business models and fundraising.

On Friday morning, instead of sleeping in for the weekend, they came in by 8 am and were learning about how to make a pitch deck.

After an initial overview, Billy (Founder of YFS) guided them through business models and strategy — how to choose an idea, making it scalable, learning about total addressable markets and so forth. …

On 18th October, 2018, Global Shapers of Dhaka hub sat down for a roundtable “Meet the Leader” chat with Iqbal Habib, one of the most known environmental activists and architects of Bangladesh.

He is the Managing Director and one of the principal architects of the award-winning architectural firm VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd. that designed Hatirjheel–Begunbari Integrated Development Project, Dhanmondi Lake Development Project, Asian University for Women (Local consultant), HQ of the Institute of Architects Bangladesh etc.

The discussion was mostly unmoderated and free-flowing. Some highlights were:

  • Mr.Habib briefly got to know the 13 shapers present in the room. …

Every month, I pick a question from readers and answer it as honestly and helpfully as I can. This month, something interesting happened.

This is a chat I’ve been having with a friend, working on a tech product in Montreal. We’ve been exchanging updates on our work quite often, and over this period, they’ve been going back and forth on their product launch. Last week, he told me why.

The company was started 8 months ago. They’ve been actively working on their product for roughly 6 months. …

Every month, I pick a question from readers and answer it as honestly and helpfully as I can. Last month, a reader asked me

Image from AIB

Our team at Pathao has grown from 50 to 500 people, in less than 2 years. On average, we were hiring more than 15 people/month. These folks went into tech, operations, marketing, support and other departments. …

It is 2am and I just got back from Shape South Asia. Between April 11 -15, one hundred World Economic Forum Global Shapers from 30 countries and 50 cities assembled in Dhaka to learn about “Shaping Inclusive Societies”. Last year Dhaka Hub won a competitive bid to host the event and spend almost a year preparing.

We kicked off on the evening of April 11 with a screening of ‘Finding Bangladesh’ — a documentary by Dhaka…

I like the quote. Didn’t read the book.

Done is better than perfect.*

All our lives, we’ve been taught not to fail and always play safe. Our social/cultural norms are risk averse. In 2015, when we were starting out and were experimenting with a number of business ideas, we had to have a culture that encouraged us to try things and not be stigmatized by failure. This would mean sailing against the wind.

I championed this idea of valuing experience and learning over our traditional notion of success. We needed to ingrain this mantra in ourselves at…

Ahmed Fahad

Founding team / VP of Product @ Pathao (pathao.com); Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum. (ahmedfahad.com)

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