• Fareed Huda

    Fareed Huda

    A product management professional building digital experiences that connect customers with brands.

  • Ahnafabiyan


  • Christian Contemori

    Christian Contemori

    I am a designer, illustrator, UX everything, dancer, BJJ fighter, human, male, man, mostly made of flesh and partly sarcasm.

  • Cyrus Anushirvan Faizi

    Cyrus Anushirvan Faizi

  • RE Benjamin

    RE Benjamin

    Husband, Father, Cyclist, Author, Lover of Green Chile — Author Journey (www.rebenjamin.com) Founder — Author Stash (www.authorstash.com)

  • Mir Shahrukh Islam

    Mir Shahrukh Islam

  • Charles Beeler

    Charles Beeler

    General Partner at Rally Ventures, an early stage, enterprise technology focused venture capital firm. But that's just scratching the surface....

  • K R Ahmed Bellal

    K R Ahmed Bellal

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